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Active vibration damping

Active vibration damping

Active vibration damping

An active vibration damping system which measures vibration values and controls actuators in real time.


During the manufacturing of gear wheels, the machine tool generates vibrations which lead to inaccuracy in the production process.


In order to eliminate the vibrations, decision was made to use an active vibration damping which generates a counterforce on the machine. For this, a real-time regulation system is used, the MSX-Box, which continuously adapts the counterforce to the vibrations. The vibration measurement board APCI-3600 inside the MSX-Box acquires the vibration values through piezoelectric sensors (ICPTM sensors) and calculates the values to get analog values that are sent to the actuators for vibration absorbing.


  • Small system with hard real-time process
  • Self-sufficient application flow
  • Parameterisation/visualisation through website is possible

Product information

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