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Tank – Defense

India has become the largest importer of military goods as it continues its expansion and modernization in 2014.

Long-time development projects require long-term available and robust standard-based components, especially in the defense sector.  With the industrial solutions by ADDI-DATA you can realize many measurement and control appli­cations like:

  • Weapon testing
  • Climate testing
  • Control of HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning)
  • Noise, shock or vibration control
  • Data recording and transmission

Product applications for the defense sector

Gas Tank supervision

Gas tank supervision

The condition of a gas tank needs to be supervised. If a gas leak is detected, an alarm has to be activated and a text mail be sent by SMS or email to the responsible person on standby duty in order to avoid damage caused by the escaping gas. Read more

Temperature measurement device for a submarine

The motors and generators of a submarine shall be permanently monitored to avoid overheating. For this, a data logger shall effect temperature measurements and send a signal to a PC as soon as a temperature limit is exceeded. Read more

Muzzle velocity measurement

A weapon manufacturer wants to modernise a shooting tunnel for the muzzle ­velocity measurement of machine guns. During the test single shots and salvoes are fired off. The bullets pass two light barriers which measure their velocity. Read more

Flight tests

A plane manufacturer wants to carry out flight tests. During the flight, at different time intervals, the following values shall be high-precisely measured (µs range) with sensors and then synchronized with GPS. Read more