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EnDat 2.2

Acquisition of position value of EnDat 2.2 encoders

With ADDI-DATA measurement solutions you can connect up to 8 EnDat 2.2  encoders and acquire the position values of absolute encoders. Reference runs are not needed.
EnDat 2.2  is preferentially used for applications with highly precise positioning and high repeat accuracy. Diagnostic data like temperature, line break, etc. can also be transferred.

High requirements for the subsequent electronics

Whether PC-based or distributed – the EnDat 2.2 interface has high requirements to the subsequent electronics: Precise position detection at high frequency, velocity, robustness and interference-resistance are significant for the subsequent electronics.

EnDat 2.2 solutions by ADDI-DATA

Product nameCategoryDescriptionDatasheet (pdf)
APCIe-1711PCI-Express boardCounter, programmable functionsDatasheet
APCI-8008PCI boardIntelligent motion control for servo or stepper motorsDatasheet
MSX-1731Ethernet system16 dig. I/O, 4 inputs for Endat 2.2Datasheet
Motion boxComplete systemin preparation