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Power distribution and renewable energy

Solar panels - Power distribution and renewable energy

Solar panels – Power distribution and renewable energy


Do you know that India receives solar energy equivalent to over 5000 trillion kWh/year, which is far more than the total energy consumption of the country?

It is necessary to best optimize the use of energy and renewable resources.  ADDI-DATA measurement and control systems enable you to acquire various sensor data like:

  • temperature
  • noise
  • pressure


Product applications for the power distribution and renewable energy sector

Optimisation of the traverse path

A manufacturer of CNC milling machines wants to optimise the traverse path of his machines and their speed and precision. The mechanical wear of the axes is also to be considered. The hardware needs to be flexible in order to be used for different tasks in different machines. Read more

Gas Tank supervision

Gas tank supervision

The condition of a gas tank needs to be supervised. If a gas leak is detected, an alarm has to be activated and a text mail be sent by SMS or email to the responsible person on standby duty in order to avoid damage caused by the escaping gas. Read more

Measurement tasks in a coal power plant

A coal power plant needs to detect the energy loss occurring in different areas of the power plant in order to minimize the energy loss and optimize the energy production process. Read more

Increase the yield of a photovoltaic plant

Photovoltaic plant must be adjusted in order to earn the maximum current yield by taking into account the trajectory of the sun or the presence of clouds. Read more

Monitoring of wind power plants

A manufacturer of wind power plants is looking for the reason of repeated breakdowns of wind turbines. He assumes that the reason is an overheating of the PCs in the switch cabinet located inside the tower. Read more