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CompactPCI boards

If your applications are subject to vibrations, high temperatures and extremely severe industrial conditions, you can to rely on the robustness, reliability and modularity of CompactPCI.  ADDI-DATA offers CompactPCI boards for recording digital and analog signals, for counting application and axis control as well as serial interfaces.  These are particularly suitable for applications in the field of measurement, control, regulation, automation and  telecommunications.

Overview of CompactPCI boards


Product nameDescriptionPDF
CPCI-1500Digital, 32 I/O, 24 V or 12 VDatasheet
CPCI-1564Digital, 64 I/O, 24 VDatasheet


Product nameDescriptionPDF
CPCI-1710Counter, programmable functionsDatasheet


Product nameDescriptionPDF
CPCI-3009Multifunction, 16 SE/8 diff. inputs, 4 analog outputs, 16-bit, 24 V dig I/O portDatasheet
CPCI-3120Multifunction, 16 SE/8 diff. inputs, 4/8 analog outputs, 16-bit, 24 V dig I/O portDatasheet
CPCI-300116/8/4 SE or 8/4 diff. inputs, 12-bit, 24 V dig I/O portDatasheet

Serial communication, RS232, RS422, RS485, 20 mA CL

Product nameDescriptionPDF
CPCI-75004-port serial interfaceDatasheet

Motion control

Product nameDescriptionPDF
CPCI-8004Intelligent motion control for servo or stepper motorsDatasheet