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High speed train - Transportation

High speed train – Transportation


The transportation sector is booming in India,especially in mass transport systems development.  It covers a wide application field with various measurement and control tasks such as control of the traction and brakes, inner and outer doors, lighting systems, data supervising, air conditioning, rail signalling, etc.  ADDI-DATA reliable measurement and control systems enable you to acquire various sensor data like:

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • On/OFF status of lightning

Product applications for the transportation sector

Measurement of railway tracks

A railway company wants a system for the measurement of railway tracks (elevations, depressions etc.) and of the contact or force between pantograph and overhead traction line in order to reduce the wear and to optimise the travelling speed. Read more

Flight tests

A plane manufacturer wants to carry out flight tests. During the flight, at different time intervals, the following values shall be high-precisely measured (µs range) with sensors and then synchronized with GPS. Read more