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Integrated measurement and control for better production processes

Use inline measurement technology and optimize your processes

More speed, more accuracy, more efficiency: Production facilities are under pressure.
They must produce more and better products in less time while reducing faulty parts and machine downtime. Furthermore, customer requirements for smaller individual quantities are to be considered. This difficult task can be facilitated through a clever combination of measurement and control technology.

Inline measurement technology is directly integrated in the production process. It gives instant information about critical machine and production data. Acquired data from the “live process” allow the super-ordinate control unit to react immediately if, for example, tolerance values are exceeded.
This has a positive impact on the production process as a whole: Quality control, load factor, maintenance and production quantity.

Key factors to consider when looking for inline DAQ solutions

  • High precision in rough environment
  • Easy integration in production processes

How to integrate ADDI-DATA products in your production processes

There are different ways to integrate ADDI-DATA products in your production processes. Here is an example with MSX-E intelligent Ethernet  systems.

Connect an MSX-E system to your PLC

inline measurement

Use the new MSX-E3121 as a replacement for a small PLC

 inline measurement

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